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Car Registration vs. Title: What's the Difference?

Buying a new car? It could be fresh off the lot or a used car that has everything that you’re looking for. Other than making sure you have the right car insurance there are two things that you need a title and registration. Some times it can be confusing as to which means what and you are more than welcome to come to our offices however, we hope this quick read can help!

The Title

You have your car but how does anyone know who is the owner? That is where your title comes in! This is the document that establishes who the legal owner of the vehicle is. A new car will not have a title until the car is purchased in which you pay fees to the dealership when you buy the car. Basically saving you a trip to the DMV! 

Let’s say you are not in a position to buy a new car, not to worry there are wonderful used cars for sale! Providing that you bought the car in full then you don’t have to pay the dealership for the paperwork. Always remember that a used dealer isn’t supposed to sell a car without having the title.

The Registration

This is another way that the vehicle will be tied to you and this is required by your state. If you move to another state then you will need to register your car again. When buying a new car again they handle the registration for you. First-time registration here is some paperwork that you should be expected to provide:

- Your driver’s license

- Proof of insurance

- Proof of sales tax payment

- Car title (your dealership would have this handy)

Unlike the title, this is something that you will need to renew annually in the state of Florida. Yes, there will be fees attached it is important that you stay current. If your registration expires then you are at risk of getting pulled over which could result in a ticket, penalty fees and possibly impoundment. Need to renew your registration here is some paperwork that you will need:

- Car’s vehicle identification number

- License plate number

- Driver’s license number

- Car insurance details

- Current vehicle registration card


The title and the registration may be two different things but they do go hand in hand. One will be a one-time transfer and the other is a reoccurring renewal to keep up with. Visit us online or in-person to have all the questions that you may have fully answered! With multiple locations in South Florida check out the one closest to you. Here at East Broward Auto Tags, we are here to serve you! 

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