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Florida Title Transfers: What to Know

Buying a car is a big deal, and it is important that you are doing it correctly in order to avoid any issues later on. One of the most important documents to get when buying a car is the car title. The car title is the proof of ownership that identifies you as the legal owner of the car. The title describes the vehicle's make, model, year, number of doors, passengers, and weight, and Vehicle Identification Number. When a car is sold, there must be title transfer to the new owner or to the lien holder. Dealerships give you your car title without any stress in the process, but if you are getting the car from a private seller, there has to be a title transfer.

What is a title transfer?

The title transfer is the process of changing the ownership of the car from the previous owner/seller to the buyer/new owner. If you are buying or selling a car that requires title transfer, there are some things you need to know about Florida title transfers.

What to know before a title transfer

When transferring a title you must provide the original document to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLDHSMV) office or present an official duplicate as photocopies or scans will not be accepted.

As a buyer, getting a car title transfer should not be difficult. But it requires a lot of cooperation, swiftness, and attention to details from the seller. Here is a checklist of things that must be done to carry out title transfer in Florida.

  • Complete the original car title with sale price, buyer’s name and address, seller’s name and address, and be sure to sign and date it.

  • The seller should complete a bill of sale and provide the buyer with a copy that should be notarized).

  • Provide the buyer with a lien satisfaction document, if the title is not lien-free.

  • Complete the Notice of Sale.

  • Verify the Odometer reading.

  • Present the driver’s license for the new owner.

  • Get insurance/proof of insurance for the car.

  • Complete the Florida Affidavit of Insurance.

  • Proof of insurance.

  • Approved loan documentation.

  • Prepare for the associated fees (License plate fees -$225, Registration fee -$46 to $72, Electronic title -$72.25 or Paper copy - $77.75, and $2 per lien on the vehicle)

  • Go to the county’s tax collector’s office with the associated fees to complete the process.

If you have been gifted or you have inherited a car, you may need to transfer the title as well. If the car is a gift, the title transfer requires the same process but, for an inherited car, you may need to provide a copy of the will and other documents like the death certificate of the previous owner. The title transfer process protects the seller and buyer/previous owner and new owner from any illegal dealings and safety risks. At Auto Tags of North Broward, we help you complete your renewals, title transfers, and other services quickly and efficiently. We have all your Deerfield Beach DMV alternative needs - whether you need Deerfield Beach tag renewals, we are the best Deerfield Beach tag agency around. Check out our website here or stop by North Broward Auto Tags today to get started.

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