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How to Replace Your Florida Car Title

Greetings from Auto Tags, your dedicated alternative to the DMV! We understand that replacing your lost or damaged Florida car title can be challenging, but worry not – we've got you covered at our single service center. Let's walk through the steps together, and we'll explain the reason behind each one:

Connect with Auto Tags:

Give us a call or visit our service center at Auto Tags. Dealing with government agencies can be daunting, but our friendly experts are here to simplify the process for you in one central location.

Prepare Your Documents:

Before heading to Auto Tags, ensure you have your identification ready – your driver's license, state ID, or passport. We'll also need crucial details about your vehicle – the make, model, year, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This information helps us to confirm the past car title and document the car title appropriately.

Get Your Application Form:

The application form must be completed with the correct information to avoid any future inconvenience through wrong information. The appropriate form for the replacement of car title is the Application for Duplicate/Lost in Transit/Reassignment for a Motor Vehicle Title (Form HSMV 82101). We keep it easy by having everything you need in one place so you can reach out to us.

Complete the Paperwork:

Our team is here to guide you through the paperwork. Fill out the Application for Duplicate Title with accurate details about your vehicle. We've centralized everything to ensure a clear and straightforward process.

Show Proof of Ownership:

Whether your vehicle has a lien or not, our professionals at Auto Tags will handle the proof of ownership. Bring along the satisfaction document if there's a lien, or a trusty registration certificate if there isn't. We'll make sure you've got what you need.

Easy Peasy Payment:

Paying for a duplicate title doesn't have to be complicated. The applicable fees for a replacement title depend on your location but, the fees must be paid alongside your application submission. Fees can change, but we will keep you updated with the latest information to avoid surprises.

Express Service – Temporary Paper Title (Optional):

If you're in a hurry to hit the road, inquire about our optional temporary paper title service at Auto Tags. It might involve additional fees, but the peace of mind is worth it when you need to keep moving.

Relax, We've Got This:

Once you've submitted your paperwork and paid the fees, rest easy. Our efficient team at Auto Tags will handle the rest, and your shiny new duplicate title will be on its way to your mailbox.

Be sure to apply for a new car title as soon as possible so that your old title is not used for fraud or further theft. If you find your old car title after getting a new one, you have to shred the old title as it is no longer valid and recognized. When it comes to getting your Deerfield Beach tag and title needs completed, don’t waste your time at the Broward County DMV. Come to North Broward Auto Tags for all things Deerfeld Beach tag renewals. Auto Tags of North Broward is the best Broward County tag agency. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more, or to start your online renewal.

For more information on replacement car titles, check out these great resources below:

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