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Out of State Vehicle Registration: The Basics

In Florida, vehicles are required to have a valid registration to operate on the roads throughout the state. Without a valid registration, drivers will be considered in violation of the law. When you buy a vehicle in Florida, the registration process is straightforward. However, when you’re from out of state and coming to Florida to live, you need to be sure that you register your vehicle appropriately.

What You Need

Vehicles that have out-of-state registrations are required by law to register in Florida within 10 days when at least one of the following conditions is met: becoming employed, establishing residency, or putting your children into public school. You’ll need to make sure that you have your current title documentation from the other state to register and title your vehicle in Florida. You’ll also need to have a Florida license, your previous registration from the other state, proof of car insurance in Florida, and your current plates.

Make sure that you have all of your paperwork ready and available to make the process easier. You’ll find that it’s often easiest to work with an auto tag agency in Broward, Florida to help you through the process and to facilitate the registration. It’s generally faster and less hassle than going through the DMV.

Additionally, to complete the transfer, you also need to have your VIN inspected. This can be done by a law enforcement officer, a licensed car dealer in Florida, the county tax collector’s office, DMV inspectors, a Florida notary public, or an active-duty military officer. It is possible to have it verified by an out of state dealer, but you’ll need to have the verification confirmed with letterhead stationery that comes from that dealer. Once you submit your paperwork for vehicle registration, it will be transferred to Florida from the other state.

A complete registration includes a metal plate number that matches the number provided on the registration and the decal, along with a registration certificate. Keep in mind that the operator of the vehicle needs to have this certificate with them or in the vehicle at all times according to the law in Florida.

When you receive your registration certificate, it will include a decal. You need to place this decal in the square that’s provided on the upper right corner of the license plate.

The initial vehicle registration fee will be $225, along with taxes and plate and title fees. There could be other fees, as well.

Get Registered ASAP

You don’t want to drive around the roads in Florida without having proper registration. Although it might seem like a lot of steps and feel like it will take a long time, it’s easier than you may imagine. By working with an auto tag agency in Broward, Florida, there won’t be any guesswork. Talk with the specialists at the agency and let them help you understand exactly what you need to do to get your out-of-state vehicle registered as soon as possible.

At Auto Tags of North Broward, we are your go-to Broward tag agency, tag renewal, and place to go in Broward for tag and titles. Don’t go to the Broward county DMV, come get your tag and title work done with us, Auto Tags of North Broward.

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