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Questions About Florida Car Titles

Where do I go to apply for title and registration? 

The nearest tax collector’s office is the place for this. Both buyer and seller should be in attendance for the title transfer. If you are located outside the state, you can also mail forms and fees to your county office. 

How much will this cost?

In Florida, for an Electronic Title on a car already registered in Florida, the cost is about $75, and the Paper Title will cost a few dollars more. For an Electronic Title transfer ob an out-of-state vehicle, the cost is about $85, and the paper title will cost around two dollars more. For a car that is new to Florida, there is a vehicle fee of about $225. Be sure to confirm fees with your local tax collector’s office before you make the trip. 

 I need to show proof of insurance, what can I use as proof? 

You can use your Florida auto insurance card, your insurance policy, or a certificate of insurance. A binder, or a completed affidavit that has been signed by the insured driver, is also acceptable. 

I’ve been asked to provide my VIN number; what is that? 

Your VIN number, or vehicle identification number, contains 17 digits and is the number used to identify your car. When you apply for the title, you will be asked to verify that number to be sure it matches the number stated on the proof of ownership.

How old do I have to be to obtain a title for a car?

There is no legal age limit. A minor, anyone under the age of 18, can own a car in the state of Florida. The minor’s natural guardian or the minor’s appointed guardian is authorized to sign the application for a certificate of title for the minor if the minor is unable. 

Now that you’ve got some answers on how to properly title your new car, you can focus on safe driving and enjoy your new ride. There is no need to go into the DMV when you can stop by Auto Tags of Oakland Park. We offer all your auto tag and title needs - from registration, renewals, title transfers, and more.Come see us today!

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