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The Basics of Florida Title Transfers

If you’re selling or buying a vehicle in Florida, you need to know the process for transferring the title to ensure the process is legal and binding. While title transfers can be done at any office for the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, other companies can also handle these things. If you need to know the process for transferring a title in Florida, this article will offer the appropriate information.

What a Vehicle Title Is

A title for a vehicle is a document that explains who owns it. It can be for a car, truck, SUV, trailer, motorhome, or another vehicle. If the vehicle is sold to someone new, the title has to be transferred to the lienholder or the new owner. The title gives information about the vehicle including its make, model, and year. It also indicates how many doors it has, how many passengers can be seated, and its weight limit. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is also included.

Getting a Title Transfer as a Buyer

If you’ve bought a car through a private owner, the title has to be transferred to show you now own the vehicle. The best option is for you and the seller to visit an office that does title transfers. You will also need several documents so make sure you have those with you at the time of the transfer process. The documents include:

  • The original title with the buyer’s name and address, sale price, and seller’s name and address

  • Payment for any due taxes and fees

  • Completed Application for Title

  • The vehicle in the process of being sold

  • Completed Notice of Sale

  • Any loan documentation

  • Verified odometer reading

  • Proof of insurance

  • Your driver’s license

The Process of Filling Out the Required Forms

When you look at the original title, you’ll see a Purchaser Section as well as a Transfer of Title by Seller section. Everyone who is listed on the original title needs to print and sign their name in the Seller area. Those who want to be listed as owners on the new title will do the same thing in the Purchaser location.

In addition, the box for the odometer reading should be filled out. This can’t be changed or tampered with. The amount the vehicle is being sold for should also be placed in the correct location. When you speak with a clerk, they will look over the forms and make sure everything is correctly filled out. The buyer will immediately get access to a title while the seller will have no chance of experiencing an incomplete sale.

When to Transfer a Car Title

A vehicle title transfer is required in Florida in many situations. If you buy a mobile home or a vehicle from a dealer, the dealership will handle the process but with private sellers, the responsibility is on you. If you inherit, give, or donate a vehicle, the new owner will also need a vehicle title transfer.

Easy Title Transfers in Florida

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