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What is the Difference Between a Car Title and Car Registration?

While considering the DMV alternatives in South Florida, there is a factor car users don't consider and yet it plays a major role in determining vehicle ownership.  

There is a difference between a car title and a car registration, you don't have to make the mistake of using them interchangeably. Both documents are needed as it concerns the issue of vehicle ownership and one cannot replace the other. 

What's a Car Title?


A car title is a certificate of ownership; a document that proves you as the legal owner of a car. A car title can bear the record of multiple owners over the years, you as the current owner need to be the latest addition on it for it to be yours. 

When it is time to sell your car, this certificate is what proves to the buyer that the car is yours, and that means that you need a copy with you to sell. After sales, your buyer becomes the new owner of the car and the car title.  

What's a Car Registration? 

A car registration certificate contains information about your car like the year, model, the brand and the vehicle identification number. It is the certificate that directly informs your state of residence that you are the legal owner of the car as long as it operates on public roads. 

You need a valid driver's license or a state ID to successfully have your car registration done. A police officer often requests for your Car Registration certificate or Driver's license while inspecting. In summary, car registration matters to the state. 

What are Car Tags?

Many people think that car tags and Car registration are the same but they're not. Car tags come with car registration; they are issued as part of your car registration process and serve mainly as a form of car identification. 

Car tags are simply stickers that are placed on the car license plate at registration or car registration renewal. Car tags are updated and this proves that you have just renewed your car registration. A license plate with no sticker (car tags) can warrant a citation by the local authorities; hence must be regarded as important. 

How is a Car Registration Done?

Car registration is carried out with the state Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and the process is quite simple. Renewal of car registration can be done online through any DMV alternatives in South Florida but a fresh registration will require your physical presence. 

This would be done by first making an appointment on South Florida DMV's website in order to be attended to as many DMV facilities no longer fancy walk-ins. 

If you need to get a car title or speed up your title transfer process in Florida, Auto Tags of North Broward offers consultation, registration, and title services that are in line with the regulations of the FLHSMV. Don’t waste your time at the Deerfield Beach DMV when you can stop by North Broward Auto Tags. We specialize in Deerfield Beach tag renewal, Broward County tag and title, and we are a premier Broward County tag agency. Stop by or give us a call to learn how to get started. You can start your online renewal here or learn more about what we do on this page

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