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What to Know About Florida Car Titles

Do you have questions about Florida car titles? You are far from alone. Whether you’re wondering what a vehicle title is, where to apply for one, or whether minors can possess one, this article is for you. We’ll go through the most common questions about Florida car titles and let you in on information about where to renew or transfer a title if you prefer to avoid the DMV.

What is a Vehicle Title?

Also known as a certificate of title, a vehicle title is a legal document. It proves who owns a vehicle in the state of Florida. The title will have various information about the vehicle itself. Most vehicles in Florida are required to have a title but there are some exceptions, including:

  • Trailers weighing less than one ton

  • Mopeds

  • Motorized bicycles

When Should I Apply for a Title?

There are several situations where a resident of Florida will need to apply for a vehicle title. These include:

  • When transferring a vehicle from one owner to another

  • When buying a new vehicle from a private seller

  • When transporting a vehicle from another state into Florida

How Do I Register and Title My Florida Vehicle?

There are a few steps to registering your vehicle and getting a title. Regardless of whether you acquire an electronic or paper title, the seller needs to fill out the section related to the vehicle transfer. You can then fill out the Application for Certificate of Title. You will need to prove that you have auto insurance, submit a Florida Insurance Affidavit, and pay for the title transfer fees.

How Do I Show Proof of Florida Auto Insurance?

Several different documents can be used to prove that you have auto insurance. These include:

  • Florida insurance policy

  • Florida auto insurance card

  • Certificate of insurance

  • An original affidavit signed by the insured driver

What is Needed to Get a Duplicate Vehicle Title?

The first thing you will need to do is fill out the Application for Duplicate Title form. You’ll need to show proof of your identity and lien satisfaction if required for your vehicle. At that point, you’ll pay the title transfer fees to acquire a duplicate title for your vehicle.

Can Minors Receive a Title for a Car or Truck?

Yes; in Florida, a minor can own a vehicle. There is no age minimum requirement for having a title for a car, truck, SUV, or another vehicle. However, when a minor signs for a title, they will also need a guardian to sign with them. This can be a natural guardian or an appointed guardian.

How Can I Sign a Title Over to Someone Else?

If you are selling a car to someone, the title needs to be transferred into their name. Get the title and go to the section that reads Transfer of Title By Seller and fill out the needed information. This includes the buyer’s name and address, the reading on the odometer, the date of sale, and the selling price.

Get Title Tasks Handled Quick

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