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Why Do We Need Car Titles and Registration?

It often seems like the expense of owning a vehicle never ends. Not only is there the purchase of the vehicle and your monthly payments, but there’s also gas, oil, repairs, washes, insurance, and a host of other expenses. Of course, you also have to consider the title and registration. When you opt to handle the title and registration through an auto tag agency in Broward, Florida, it can help to save some hassle, but you still might have questions as to why they’re needed.

When you learn more about what each of these entails, though, it quickly becomes apparent why we need them.

Why Do You Need a Car Title?

The car title is one of the most important pieces of paper for your vehicle because it is the legal form that shows you’re the owner of the vehicle. Without having a title, it would be impossible to sell the vehicle, to register it, or to easily prove that you’re the owner. Without vehicle titles, your car would be at an even greater risk of being stolen because it would be hard to prove who owns it. When you’re buying a car and making payments on it, you don’t get the title until you’ve fully paid for the vehicle. The lender holds the title in the meantime.

Why Do You Need Car Registration?

Vehicle registration creates a link between the vehicle and the owner or user of the vehicle, but it’s not the same as a title. Vehicles need to be registered to be tracked by the state. The registration shows who the vehicle belongs to and is being driven by. While a lender can hold the title, the registration will be in the name of the person who has bought the vehicle. Both passenger and commercial vehicles are required to be registered to be used on a public road.

Title and Registration Are Worth the Cost

Both the title and the registration are required for vehicles in Florida and elsewhere in the United States. It’s important that you make sure that your vehicle has all of the necessary paperwork.

Even though there are certainly costs associated with the title and registration, they’re far less than what you would have to pay if you were caught without them. There are fines, and in some cases, your vehicle could be taken away from you. It’s better to pay the cost of your title and registration and to be on the right side of the law.

Now that you know just how important it is to have a car title and registration, you can see that the expense is worth it. Without them, you wouldn’t be allowed to drive. If you’re getting a new vehicle, or you’re registering from out of state, make sure that you get your paperwork all in order. Work with an auto tag agency in Broward, Florida, and take care of your car’s paperwork so your vehicle is legal and you don’t get fined.

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