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Why is the DMV so Slow?

It's said so often, that never-ending DMV lines have become a popular cliché. Jokes about what you'd do to avoid a DMV visit are everywhere, and there's a reason for that: They're real! DMV lines are famous for being long, tortuous, and for being avoided at all costs. But why is that?

You'd think that with all of today's available technology, DMV offices would be empty. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. If you've ever been brave enough to visit the DMV website, you know that trying to navigate it, is similar to reading Ikea directions in Swedish. No, thank you…oops, make that Nej tack.

Even though DMV did try to fix their website, it didn't work out so well. They made a substantial effort to update it (Even the internal pages!), but prettying it up didn't do much. A confusing DMV website leads you where? Straight to that dreaded DMV office, my friend! No one wants to risk messing up their DMV work online.

Are they trading the confusing DMV website for a complicated DMV office visit? Now we're talking! One of the reasons those lines are so long is that people are just straight-up confused. What documents are you supposed to bring? What forms of ID do they accept? How many forms of ID do you need? Do they only accept cash? How about a credit card? How much is this going to cost? Will you leave alive? When you enter the building with so many questions, you're also bound to be joining the building with the wrong stuff.

You've seen it, that unsuspecting poor soul, finally reaches the front of the line, ready to do a victory dance, and BOOM, victory dance replaced with bowed head and drooping shoulders. They brought the wrong document. They filled out the wrong form. They needed a witness, a check, and a mini statue of the president, whatever one thing that didn't cross their mind to bring. Off they go, back home, back to the office, back out of the building, and back to the back of the line.

Let's say you're lucky enough to be included in the 1% of people who bring the right stuff to the DMV office, the first time around. Well done! Guess what you are rewarded with? (Hint: It involves a long line.) Nope, you did not earn a faster route with your solid preplanning. There is no DMV Fast Track Line for smart people. (Even though it would be a huge moneymaker for them!) You get to join the ranks of all the other guys who did not preplan, have the wrong documents with them, and return once again to that endlessly long line. It's kind of like a revolving DMV door when you think about it.

You'd think that the DMV staff would be happy to see your prepared little self when you finally reach the front line. Strangely, it does not appear that they are. They are looking at you, just like they looked at the guy who forgot his president's statue: Unimpressed. "Why is that?" you ask. It's because that DMV employee is making that same low-dollar paycheck working with you, as he was with Forgetful Guy. Think they're going to be excited to see you? Nope, you're one more cog in their Wheel of Work Misery.

Can we blame them? The DMV employees are as overworked as the best of them. And do you ever see a boss over their shoulder telling them to "Smile! Copy faster! File efficiently! Work that database with magic hands!"? Nope. Would you smile if you were on the other side of that desk? Only if it was time to go home.

Knowing what you know about working with the DMV, should (and does!), fill one with dread. The best way to avoid pain is to avoid the DMV altogether. Let someone far more patient, prepared (and happy!) do the work for you. Hand your headache over to Auto Tags of Broward, and then you'll have something to smile about.

With Auto tags, we strive to create an experience that avoids long lines at the DMV as well as avoiding confusion for the types of paperwork you need to bring. We work harder so that you can work easily. For more information visit us on our website!

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